Following our tradition of custom, L.E.N. is pleased to introduce an innovative knitwear collection that welcomes you to transcend the norm and customize knitwear that will speak directly to the style & individuality of your target customer. You won’t need a fashion degree, just a clear understanding of who your customer is and in five easy step you can create products that speak directly to them.



Pattern work:  True to our roots, the collection is styled in time-honored classic pattern work that men have enjoyed in fine dress and sport shirts. If given the choice, we believe they’d prefer the same pattern work in their knitwear. 

1. Your first step is to select your styles from 30 timeless patterns that can be merchandised as color groupings or simply bought as shirts.

2. Fit Options:  The second step is selecting the fit you want for your selected styles. 

  • Traditional Fit (T):  Our Traditional Fit (T) is intended for the gentleman who prefers a natural fit, relaxed in the chest and sleeves.
  • Modern Fit (M):  Our Modern Fit (M) is intended for the gentleman who prefers a trim fit with chest and sleeves cut slimmer to the body.


3. Sleeve Options:  The third step is selecting your sleeve preference:

  • Short Sleeve (S/S): Our short sleeve model is an open sleeve. 
  • Long Sleeve (L/S):  Our Long sleeve model is designed with a one button tailored cuff and elastic inset in the sleeve that will help keep the shirt positioned on the forearm if desired.


4. Collar Options:  The fourth step is selecting your choice of collars.

  • Spread Collar(SC): The spread collar refers to the width between the points of the collar. The spread collar provides a current aesthetic to any of our polo’s.
  • Button-Down Collar(BDC): A favorite in woven shirts, the button down collar can bring an added level of interest not commonly found in knitwear.
  • Hidden Button-Down Collar(HBD): Typically found in better woven and dress shirts, the hidden button down has a dress sensibility, and provides a great remedy for the “fly away” collar. 


5. Select Placket Options: The fifth and final step is selecting your choice of plackets.

  • Three Button Placket(TBP): The 3-button placket is the most classic and commonly used placket in knitwear.
  • Full Button Placket(FBP):  The Full Button Placket offers an interesting & modern alternative. A great choice for our long sleeve knits. 


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