Men's Belt Collection


Look Closer

It’s often been said that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little “extra”.

We couldn’t agree more, in fact the one commonality we noticed with all items exceptional or extraordinary are the little subtleties that separate them from the ordinary.

At L.E.N. each day is spent arranging the very best thoughts and ideas, design, workmanship, and leathers from around the globe. We find great pleasure and satisfaction when each of these elements come together creating that exceptional item. It’s who we are, what you can expect, and the process that goes into everything we create.

For 2019, the collection lends itself to a wide variety of interests and occasions. Whether you’re in search of a fun casual belt with a sporty edge and border stitch, or one of our timeless classics, there’s a variety of leather and color options for you.

What we refer to as “casual luxe” is better than ever for 2019.  Be sure to check out the six wonderful colors in buffed Alligator, or the unique colorations in our vintage and antique finished Ostrich. Looking to add a little color to your wardrobe?  Look no further than our Caiman, incredible detail and now available in 15 shades of fun.

One of our new favorites is Italian nubuck. Beautiful whole hides buffed to a velvety soft finish available in six handsome colors.

As you start to familiarize yourself with our collection, we hope you’ll LOOK CLOSER.

We hope you’ll appreciate our efforts to present you with a carefully edited collection that reflects our very best in quality, taste, and style.

We believe it’s those little subtleties that make us who we are today.

All the best from your friends at L.E.N


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